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Philippines: Camiguin

Vulcanoes and Springs

sunny 30 °C

I am so lazy. Two months ago I uploaded pictures of my very nice trip to Camiguin; And now I finally manage to add some text to them. Camiguin is an island to be seen on non clear days from our dive shop. Finally I managed to go there.

Oh wait a minute, these tarsier monkeys are still on my own island on the way to camiguin. Some facts: these are primates, not monkeys. They only exist on Phillie's and Indonesia. They can jump meters and prefer doing nothing (like myself). But this church was the highlight of my trip.

Under the cross is a sunken cemetery. Camiguin has the highest Vulcano density in the world. So why do you think this cemetry sunk?

I call this a jeepcycle (combi of jeepney and tricycle). It is a short term smart solution of transporting more people with a 100CC engine and making more money, but a long term attack on the health of these people

My teinted relative

My new house ( I wished)

My six pack (at least)

Famous picture, featured in many guidebooks

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Philippines: a bike trip


With low season coming, dive shop business is also slower. Fighting boredom, I soon started using spare parts in all kind of creative ways.
That was the signal that I needed a change in my life...

So I decided to go on a dive holiday. Well, my plan was to go on a Blue Bike Inauguration trip. But soon after I started I noticed that I got pretty dirty. That was annoying. And then my bike failed. Brutal force and fire were required to get it going again IMG_1924.jpg.
And when, after crossing two oceans and driving for several hours, my butt did not feel attached to the rest of my body anymore, I gave up. But I still managed to make exactly one picture of the amazing scenery

And then I decided I had enough and needed a holiday. So I settled down in Dauin, Negros and went diving. What a surprise, not?This is serious diver territory. No corals and big fish, but many funny critters

So here we go again: underwater pictures. Let us start with a swimming frog fish, you can look right through its body

And here we have a yellow ornate ghost pipe fish, with perfect buoyancy control

And look at this Crinoid shrimp and the Pink Punk Crab

And a nice moray eel...

that was chased by these speedy flat worms

A midnight (strange name, i saw it during the day and the animal is not dark) snapper

And this is where i came for: the common (depressing adjective) seahorse

And then a Flying Gurnard, pretty special

and a nice nudibranch and the prehistoric looking devil fish, equipped with the optional antennas

And finally, we found a frog fish that celebrate the Netherlands-Italy slaughter with us, by wearing the appropriate colors...

Encore: The president of the Philippines, Arroyo, walked past our dive shop and went on a (heavily overweighted, I do not mean here, I mean she had too much weights, I do not want to be arrested) dive in Alona


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Philippines: New top 10 UW creatures & top 10 UW people

sunny 30 °C

Today internet was installed in my house! This will enable me to send you an endless stream of blog updates.

On many's request: TOP 10 of UW PEOPLE

Sander lost some dive gear

Sander with Turtle

Sander with Snake

Katja showing perfect buoyancy control (she had a good teacher)

Katja showing interest in dead trees UW

Katja lost in fish soup

Mmmm, not enough pictures for a top 10, then some Land pictures

And I still owe you a swimming whale shark from my trip to Donsol

and an other one

TOP 10 of FUNNY UW CREATURES (first one is new).

Indian Walkman: Officially a kind of scorpion fish, but I think it is a hybrid iron man terminator fish with bullets as eyes
Flamboyant cuttle fish with little baby: The only walking and deadly cuttle fish (like squid)

Blue ringed octopus: Also small and deadly

Robust Ghost Pipe Fish
Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish. The above two are family and disguise themselves: one as a leaf, the other as a small christmas tree

Scorpion Leaf Fish: Poisonous and flat: you can look through the eye

Mantis Shrimp: A shrimp that can crush a diving mask

Forsskal Slug: 10cm big walking snail-like animal

Snake Eel: moray eel family, always joined by a few shrimps

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Philippines: Whalesharks and funny creatures

Beach life continues

sunny 29 °C


No news = good news. It has been a long time since the last update; Well, life is slow here. And I like it that way. Still sun, diving, safari's, relaxing, nice people, blablabla. Very positively boring. But, no worries, there are some new things. Two couple of friends visited me; You can read about Pat and Suus's visit on www.PatandSuus.com (on the right click on Philippines).

But most things happen underwater here. In the last months some whale sharks swam past the dive center. But unfortunately, they have the annoying habit to stick their head above the water, but then drop down quickly again to be never seen again. Apparently I was diving 50 meter away from one, but i saw walah (=nothing). Normally underwater creatures like me and come to cuddle, but not the whale sharks. Well, it appears that all off them swim to Donsol, about 1000km from here. They spend their holidays there to enjoy a plankton feast. So, on the plane then and on to Donsol. First some diving to find manta's, but walah. The next day I went diving again, but now as guide! Haha walah cuarta = no paying. after that two days of whale shark hunting. Driving round and round and round and round until the spotters finally saw a shadow. Andthen, more shadows and more. In a few hours we were so fortunate to see five whale sharks!!! Very close, too close. I almost jumped on one, almost ending up in his or her mouth. Also funny was how big pieces of orange life bait (mostly Chinese and Korean) were thrown into the water; leaving the whale sharks and other snorkelers flabbergasted...

Then, playing safari guide again for the Apo Island and Siquior dive trip. Normally the place for small funny animals, but this time the hunting ground of an eagle ray and even a tresher shark: The first one in two years. Hopefully, the fisherman will not found out, because they like to eat them. Still only Whale sharks and manta's are protected. Unfortunately no pictures of these monsters, because i was taken pictures of stupid small funny animals (like an orang utan crab). Turning around to show my guests my discoveries, I almost dropped my camera to found I was looking into the eyes of the Tresher Shark. But no worries, i did make some nice pictures of our less speedy and weird animal friends with strange habits.

OK, now i have to go again, because tomorrow is the last safari of the season. Next time, to complement my top10 of weird UW creatures, I will post my top 10 of weird Pinoy customs

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Philippines: Playing Dive Safari Guide


The last weeks I was very busy with guiding two dive safari's for SeaQuest. The centre is Dutch and they needed a Dutch, German and English speaking instructor. So, there I was. Anyway, not a bad job. I get paid for going on a five day trip with about 10 customers on our big banca, visiting two islands, Apo and Siquijor and staying in amazing resorts with swimming pools, massage and cocktails. Mmmmm...And the diving is very good. Anyway. I let the pictures speak for themselves. Next week the last group for the year, 11 Russians, awaits. So we already prepared a menu of Wodka, fish and potatoes and 11 ropes (Russians are not famous for following their guides). I will keep you posted. Oh yeah, by the way. Furthermore, beach life continues:diving, massages, partying, sleeping and watching TV. People ask me if I do not get bored, well the answer is : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Apo Island

Coco Grove - Siquijor

Fishies and Co

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